In_NovaMusEUm Dinner in white, Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia, Italy, 7 July 2017

The event “Dinner in white” is one of the several “participatory” events included in In_NovaMusEUm audience development strategy. In Italy the event took place July 7th 2017 at Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia.  100 people participated in the event (booking was required) from Ariccia and its surroundings and from Rome. Attendees were required to bring their own food  (cooked according to the local tradition) with their own tableware and tablecloth in a pic-nic basket and to wear white dresses. A contest was set up to award the best white dress, the best table and the best pic-nic basket. The prizes consisted of bottles of wine from a local producer. Two “imperial” tables of 50 seats each were arranged at the left and right side of the internal courtyard of Palazzo Chigi in order to bring to life the popular tradition of the “dinners at Castelli Romani” of past times. During the dinner participants could enjoyed the beautiful performances from the Choir “Ottava Rima Gruppo Vocale” that sang traditional songs dating back to XVI century until XX century. The “National Historical Dance Company” (  performed the “Mazurka” of the famous movie “The Leopard” that the renowned director Luchino Visconti shot at Palazzo Chigi  in Ariccia. The dancers also involved the participants in spectacular dance performances such as Quadrilles, Country Dances and Mazurkas. Besides, the poet Tiziana Colusso read a poem she wrote and published in 2004 talking about Ariccia.