In_NovaMusEUm OpenLab.1, 18 December, 2016 – Ioannina, Greece, The Silversmithing Museum, Ioannina, Epirus

The Participative LAB 1 was held at the Silversmithing Museum, Ioannina, Epirus the 18.12.2016, at 11:00. The LAB was announced via personal invitations, emails and social media. A press release was sent to the local newspapers and TV. Thirty-six (36) attended the Lab. Project managers Christos Merantzas & Eleni Pagratiou provided information regarding the General Action and the Project Actions in details.

Information concerning the previous activities of the Museum was also provided by Professor Theodoros Papagiannis. The discussion, conducted by Eleni Kontzampopoulou, with the contribution of the members of the podium, has developed a very clear message as for the necessity of attracted and cultivating new audiences not only for financial reasons, but also for creating a meaning and a value of life. The Mayor of the Municipality (Giannis Senteles) and the Director of the Theodoros Papagiannis Museum (Thaleia Tsoni) expressed their appreciation to the project and to its contribution in the cultural promotion of the region.

All of the participants recognized that the presence of the Museum contributes to promoting sustainable and qualitative development; it also implements necessary interventions in favor of regional economic flourishing. The ‘Papagiannis’ Museum serves as a model by constituting a bedrock for regional cultural development and as a unique example of cultural decentralization in times of crisis. Eleni Kotzampopoulou explained the need of new practices in audience development based in participation and making audience active. Theodoros Papagiannis emphasized the need to involve the students of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Ioannina in the research and artistic activities of the Museum as far as the Programme activities are concerned. He announced also, in collaboration with the Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka, that before the summer sculpture symposium a second one is going to be held in the Municipality’s headquarters focused on the topic of traditional food. The coordinators of the Project suggested to the participants of the participative LAB a series of works of art related to food. After a detailed examination the following five works were selected in order to be the main art-works to be transfigured (See attached files): 1. The Bread, 2. The Egg in the Bird’s Nest, 3. The Fruits, 4 . The Fish, and 5. The Hanging Animal Skins. Theselection was based on the very dynamic of their symbolic connotations and their timeless cross-cultural value. For example, Egg is referring not only to our common matrix, but also to the creation of the world. The Twelve Animal Skins constitute a reference not only to the consumption of meat, but also have a very strong ecological significance referring to the protection of nature. Bread has a Pan-human meaning and the walnut fruit represents the intellect, while the Fish is of particular importance in the Christian tradition. As the selected works represent the dipole raw / cooked or otherwise nature / culture, oral tradition / written tradition, it was decided in our next participative laboratory to organize an experiential workshop accompanied by a lecture on the relationship between the raw and cooked in the cultural evolution of the humankind. In the same context, multiple narratives (for a differentiated public) of traditional tales from all over Greece related to food are going to be narrated within the Papagiannis Museum. Participants from their part highlighted the importance of new technologies and social networks to attract audiences. Finally, it was also decided to prepare (Christos Merantzas and Eleni Kontzmopoulou) a survey distributed to Museum visitors by the 10 of January and for a period of 9 months in order to further evaluate the museum needs, mission and experience. Last but not least, the culinary club of Ioannina proposed a collaboration in one of our next participative laboratories. The presentation was followed at 12:30 by a cocktail with refreshments and local wine.


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