In_NovaMusEUm Dinner in White, 20 May, 2017 – Portugal – Lisbon, Museu Bordalo Pinheiro

The event which took place during 20 May at Museu Bordalo Pinheiro had as central axis the works of Bordalo Pinheiro: hence, the subtitle “Jantar Bordaliano”/ “Bordalian Dinner”. Drawing inspiration from several ceramic pieces from Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, renowned chef Nuno Carrusca, from restaurant Água no Bico, created a true banquet-performance for the participants in this special event. Several ceramic pieces designed by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, namely the beautiful ceramic plate “Mesa Posta”, besides lovely decorative ceramic leaves and ceramic mugs designed by Bordalo Pinheiro. The major goal of this event was to provide an extraordinary experience to participants, bringing together art and food and Bordalo Pinheiro at the museum in a quite innovative way. The dinner-performance started about 20h00, with a brief welcome from João Alpuim Botelho, the Museu Bordalo Pinheiro director, and chef Nuno Carrusca. The participants could also view a special selection of animated films made by University Lusofona’s students. The dinner-performance ended with a double “sobremesa”: the word dessert in Portuguese when decomposed means “above+table” (“sobre+mesa”). Nuno Carrusca made the dessert above the table, as if it was a Jackson Pollock action (food) painting. The dinner participants were invited to “consume” the dessert directly from the table – a quite innovative way to bring everyone together – video here available.

Publicado por Innovamuseum em Sábado, 20 de Maio de 2017
This special event was broadcasted live via Facebook during several moments of the night – videos also available on In_Nova MusEUm Facebook page. Besides registering the occasion in photos, the event was recorded in video by PhD student and journalist Álvaro Filho – video here available:

20 May at Museu Bordalo Pinheiro in Lisbon: a special report made by Alvaro Filho, journalist and PhD student at Lusófona (thank you!). Subtitles in English shortly.

Publicado por Innovamuseum em Domingo, 21 de Maio de 2017
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