In_NovaMusEUm Workshop.1: “A tavola con Mario. Suggestioni culinarie e artistiche dai dipinti di Mario de’ Fiori”, 15 December 2016 – Italy, Ariccia, Palazzo Chigi

The event took place on November 23, 2016, is inspired by one of the works stored in the Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia: the canvas of the “Autumn” painted in the XVII century by Mario Nuzzi (also called Mario de’ Fiori). This painter (1603 – 1673) had specialized in the production of still lives, in which he painted in a very realistic either flowers or fruits. Infact for the Cardinal Flavio Chigi he made the complete series of the Four Seasons. Among these, it was decided to select the “Autumn”, as it is the one that is the season in which the event took place, and contains a wide variety of local products (grapes, pumpkin, pomegranate, etc.). The Workshop is structured as a “complex performance” with the participation of an art historian (mr. Francesco Petrucci, Director of Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia), a professional chef (mr. Luca Pinelli, young chef of a famous restaurant in the area), and a professional actress (mrs. Francesca Guercio). The goal was to tell the charm of seventeenth-century kitchen through the explanation of the painting, the dishes cooked by the chef and inspired by the products of ‘”Autumn” and the story of practices in food during the Baroque period. During the Workshop experience, the audience was actively involved. In fact, the Palazzo Chigi Monumental Kitchen was set up as a typical baroque environment, so as to make the experience of the atmosphere of the seventeenth century to the viewers. In addition, during the preparation of the recipes, the chef offered to viewers of the performance small samples, which were enjoyed while the actress told the way you eat and the table manners during the Baroque period.